Episode 387 Merry Christmas….Sort Of

No Choppy, no Jay, no Wizards…no problem. Phil is left to his own devices at the last minute and salvages the show by recruiting his best bud Will Sweeney to help try and save what’s left of the yearly holiday festivities. The show opens with a holiday greeting from everyone’s favorite pimp WWE Hall Of Famer The “GODFATHER” Charles Wright! Technical difficulties once again haunt Phil but manages to connect with Matt Squires for another holiday road report. All this while WWE’s “TLC” PPV plays on as background noise. Jay calls in from work to give everyone some holiday cheer. The peanut gallery of Hammer and Ms. Fallon enter the party as the Throwback is the 30th anniversary of NWA’s “STARRCADE” event from December of 1990. Happy Holidays Everyone!