Episode 191 The Leap Heard Around The World

angry_thomas_in_thomas_and_the_guard_says_where_is-wreck-it_ralph_wherrreeee_by_seen_of_jakedp100duplo_logosnuka¬†On this action packed episode, Kid Human brings us the news of the week including: ADR holding a bootleg press conference, Billy Corgan wants to takeover TNA..literally, Cody Rhodes making the best of his post WWE life, Wade Barrett NOT coming to ROH, Ricochet leaving the indies?, A recap of the CwC showing love to the european talent. Kid Human does his best Chinese impression, Kevin Owens showing backstage love to Sami Zayn, The 15 WWE promos the “Got Real”, Finn Balor CLEARED… for Legos, Phil can’t handle his legos. The Throwback this week is the infamous feud from 1983 with Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs. The “Magnificent” Don Muraco. This episode is dedicated to our brother Tommy “The Tank” Meehan of “Tank’s Toy Box” we love you brother wishing you a speeding recovery