Episode 89: Rage’s “Reality”

October 8, 2014 TBTB 0

Megapowers had the night so Tony C from the Rant sits in on a free for all as we talk about Nick Hogan and the […]

Episode 88: War… Good God Ya’ll

October 1, 2014 TBTB 0

The boys tackle the new PWI 500 top ten, GFW/NJPW PPV? “Beyond” Wrestling News, 6G’s to go to Mania next year? Reviewing the new STING […]

Episode 87: JAKA

September 24, 2014 TBTB 0

The boys are joined in studio by “Beyond” wrestling standout “Jaka” as we talk everything from Marinara sauce, Comic Books, and Ric Flair.

Episode 86: Walk Like An Egyptian

September 17, 2014 TBTB 0

Phil loves Target, but hates outsourced customer service. The boy preview this Sunday’s “Night Of Champions” PPV, Facebook questions and joining us this week is […]

Episode 85: Where The Big Boys Play

September 10, 2014 TBTB 0

The boys talk some ROH and Michael Elgin’s visa issues, Vince Russo is free at last. Some WWE & NXT talk and why Dolph Ziggler […]

Episode 84: Michael Sam I Am… Not Going to RAW

September 3, 2014 TBTB 0

The boys talk some PWG, Chikara, and PWS. Why NFL player Michael Sam belongs nowhere near a wrestling ring and the Throwback of the Week […]

Episode 83: G.L.O.W.

August 27, 2014 TBTB 0

Billy Graham is a bitter bag of Douche, Stacy Keibler had a kid, Impact can’t get a TV deal, Facebook Questions and Phil relives puberty […]

Episode 82: Zeusssssssssssssss

August 21, 2014 TBTB 0

The boys talk some ROH, NJPW, give their prediction for this years Summerslam event and this weeks throwback is Summerslam ’89.

Episode 81: Casino Royale

August 13, 2014 TBTB 0

From March 8th 2K14 The boys broadcasted from the world resort casino in Queens NYC for WPW’s “Resurrection” show. They were joined in the background […]

Episode 80: When Worlds Collide

August 6, 2014 TBTB 0

The boys cover another STING sighting, Hulk hogan wants to wrestle again? Some awesome Network announcements and the Throwback of the week is the AAA […]