Episode 39: Open Mic…..Eh?

October 12, 2013 TBTB 0

Phil is riding solo for another edition of “Open Mic” night as he introduces the Stickman & Apex Radio to the Shining Wizards Network Family. […]

Episode 38: Open Mic “Hong Kong Flu-ey”

September 28, 2013 TBTB 0

Phil’s bored at home alone and decides to open the phone lines as Tony Z from the Shining Wizards calls in for wrestling talk…and talk […]

Episode 37: Piss & Vinegar

September 24, 2013 TBTB 0

The boys are trying out new equipment and Mega Powers Skypes in covering some current news & notes, Dave’s shoot on Lopez and the throwback […]


September 6, 2013 TBTB 0

The “Impact” Playa Phil Raia & Dave “MEGA” Powers are back for another huge episode. Covering some current topics and answering a very awesome Facebook […]

Episode 35: The Shining Throwbacks Part Deux!

August 20, 2013 TBTB 0

The O.G.’s of the Shining Wizards Network Phil & Tony of the Shining Wizards are back for a second episode of the “Shining Throwbacks” as […]

Episode 34: Bash At The Beach ’92

August 15, 2013 TBTB 0

Phil and Dave take it all the way back to 1992 WCW style for “Bash At The Beach” Talked about some of our favorite SummerSlam […]

Episode 33: The Can Am Express..Not Connection

August 5, 2013 TBTB 0

Phil & Dave discuss the careers of Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat aka Phil Lafon. The team that should if been HUGE stars in the […]

Episode 32: Who Dat

July 30, 2013 TBTB 0

“Mega” Powers overslept and missed an incredible interview with Mr. Greg Klein the author of The “King Of New Orleans” How the Junkyard DOG became […]

Episode 31: The “Brawl To End It All”

July 21, 2013 TBTB 0

The boys take it back to July 23rd 1984. Hulkamania (and Megapowers) are in their infancy, Madison Square Garden is jammed packed and the WWF […]

Episode 30: Happy Anniversary

July 4, 2013 TBTB 0

The Podcast turns one as we celebrate from the bunker! Matt from the Shining Wizards stopped by as we took calls, made awful jokes, and […]