Episode 436 The Prodigal Gypsy Has Returned!

January 28, 2022 TBTB 0

CHOPPY’S BACK! and has a lot to say covering all things current. GCW PPV recap, AEW and the current stories there, Disney and WWE strike […]

Episode 435 What’s Causin’ All This?…30 Years Later

January 22, 2022 TBTB 0

Hammer joins the show chopping all thing up current including Phil needing glasses, Bully Ray is still awful, AEW, NXT, WWE, GCW’s huge NYC PPV […]

Episode 434 Moving The Needle!

January 14, 2022 TBTB 0

The boys return for the first show of 2022 basically just catching up on life and all things current